Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Modeling a Wooden Box in 3D Studio Max 2011

This is a low poly wooden box based on an image.
Creating the Box
1.       Draw a box (10x10x10) from the Standard Primitives menu.

2.       Apply the UVM Map modifier to the box.
3.       Set the UVM Map mapping to Box then click Fit.

Creating the Material
1.       Type M to open the Materials Editor dialog box.
2.       Create a new Standard Multi/Sub-Object material.

3.       Rename the new material to Wooden Box or any desired name.
4.       Click the material button for ID #1.

5.       Rename the material to Wooden Box Outer. (This is optional.)
6.       Add the provided Wooden Box.jpg image as the Diffuse color. Leave the setting default.

7.       Click the Go To Parent button twice to return to the main material.

8.       Click and drag the Wooden Box Outer material from ID #1 to ID #2.

9.       Make a Copy and then click OK.

10.   Click the material button for ID #2.
11.   Rename the material to Wooden Box Inner. (This is optional.)
12.   Click the M button to the right of the Diffuse color.

13.   Click the View Image button.

14.   Crop the image so that the inner part of the wooden box is the image.

15.   Click the Apply box to the left of View Image.

16.   Click the Go To Parent button twice to return to the main material.
17.   Drag the material over to the box.
18.   Click Views > Show Materials in Viewport As > Standard Display with Maps. This will allow the material to display on the box in the view port.
Editing the Box
1.       Apply the Edit Poly Modifier to the box.
2.       Click the Polygon selection within the Poly modifier.
3.       Select the entire box.

4.       Set the Material ID to 1.

5.       Click one side/face of the box.

6.       Switch to the Front View of the box and set the view to Smooth + Highlights.
7.       Click the Bevel setting button.
8.       Keep the Height at 0 and adjust the Outline Amount so that the outline matches the outer boards of the image material. An Outline Amount value can be added. I used -0'8 36/64". Click the check mark to OK.

9.       While still in the Polygon selection, the inner square should be selected.
10.   Click the Extrude settings button.
11.   An extrude height of -2" to push the face into the box.
12.   Click the check mark to OK.

13.   Keep the inner square selected.
14.   Set the Material ID to 2 for the extruded face.

15.   Use the Quickslice tool under the Edit poly modifier to slice the face into three sections.
16.   Slice the face along the diagonal wood as shown in yellow.

17.   Click the Quickslice again to exit the tool.
18.   Click the diagonal wood face.
19.   Click the Extrude settings button.
20.   An extrude height of 1" to pull the face.
21.   Click the check mark to OK.

22.   Repeat steps 5-23 on all sides of the box.

Below is the finished 3D wooden box.

I've provided the Max model file and texture.

I'll post a video of the above tutorial in a few days.



  1. Vince,

    Nice work. Under Editing the Box, just make sure you are below the UVW Map modifier when applying the Edit Poly modifier. All the steps are well thought out.

  2. That worked. Thanks for the comment.

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