Friday, October 28, 2016

OSNAPs Assigned to F-Keys

Do you find yourself not using the F-Keys in AutoCAD? I assigned OSNAPs to my F-Keys. I left F2 and F8 as default.

F1 = Endpoint
F3 = Intersection
F4 = Intersection
F5 = Center
F6 = Perpendicular
F7 = Midpoint
F9 = Insertion
F10 = Tangent
F11 = Quadrant
F12 = Node

1. Save the F-Keys.cuix to your desktop.
2. Launch AutoCAD.
3. Type CUI in the command line to launch the Customize User Interface.
4. Click the Transfer tab along the top.
5. In the left panel (Main File), expand Keyboard Shortcuts then Shortcut Keys.
6. In the right panel, open the saved F-Keys.cuix.

7. Expand Keyboard Shortcuts then Shortcut Keys.
8. Select the shortcut keys.
9. Drag the shortcut keys to Keyboard Shortcuts\Shortcut Keys on left panel. I placed the keys to the bottom of the list so I can easily find them.

10. Click the Save button on the left panel.
11. Click OK to close the Customize User Interface.

To reassign the OSNAPs with different F-Keys follow these steps.

1. Type CUI in the command line to launch the Customize User Interface.
2. Click the Customize tab along the top.
3. In the top left panel, expand Keyboard Shortcuts\Shortcut Keys.
4. Find the OSNAP F-Keys.
5. Click the desired OSNAP F-Key to change.
6. In the right lower Properties panel, click the button to the right of Key(s).

7. In the pop-up window, press the desired F-Key.

8. Click OK to close the dialog box..
9. Since another OSNAP is assigned with that F-Key, you’ll need to change the other OSNAP with a different F-Key.

10. Click OK to close the notice.
11. Click OK to close the Customize User Interface.

A link to the F-Keys.cuix file.

If you have a hard time remembering which key is which, create a template for the keyboard.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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